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Vegetarian menus at the restaurant

For many decades we have been told that eating meat helps muscular growth and sugar helps brain and so our diet has been hardily affected by the presence of this two elements.

However, after researchers put in light that people eating meat and sugar on a regular basis developed cancers and other diseases more often than others, the general success of our diet slowly but deeply turned out to crash down.

Today, the most common and popular tendency is vegan. You can find vegetarian foods in all supermarkets and even vegetarian menus at specific restaurants.


Kinds of vegetarian diets

Vegetarian dishThe fact that even restaurants realized that more and more people start to feel aware about the consequences of a bad diet, should let us think about how many people today prefer to eat vegan rather than the traditional foods containing lots of added sugars and other chemical substances.

There are many kinds of vegetarian diets: the lacto-vegetarian, the lacto-ovo vegetarian, the ovo-vegetarian and the vegan diet, which is the most restrictive diet.

However, most people seem to follow a semi vegetarian diet which is primarily plant based but includes also eggs and fishes and rarely also meat.


Desserts and after meals

The most important things is to eat in a balanced and varied way.

For this reason, it’s not that much important if you eat a slice of cake at the end of a meal, especially if you are invited to a ceremony with buffet.

There are a few kinds of cakes that look very tasty but that don’t contain too many calories, and it’s not the calorie itself what matters, but the kind of food where it comes from. That’s why this black forest cake recipe from scratch would surely match the tastes of both vegetarian and non vegetarian people.

This german cake will please both with its delicacy and its chocolate flavor mixed up with the best of cakes: the famous cherry on the top. Actually, you can decorate the black forest cake with many cherries on the top, or even just one or even customize the basic recipe with small pieces of cherries inside the main chocolate sponge layers.

On you can enjoy the step by step video tutorial and try to prepare your own cake following the written recipes and the pictures. Doses and ingredients are also well specified so that you can’t really miss a step during the preparation!

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