Please contact the Ruggles Green Sales Catering Manager for all menus, prices, and service arrangements.

Final confirmation on all orders is due no later than 48 hours before the day of order. At this time, a credit card number will be requested and kept on file in order to confirm the order. This cc information or alternative form of payment will be charged at time of the order.

A cancellation fee of 50% will be charged on orders cancelled within 24 hours.

A $150 minimum food and beverage purchase is required for off-site staffed or delivered catering orders.

For deliveries, a flat rate delivery fee of 15% is included to the total bill.  All delivery orders must be approved by catering department based on price and location.

For staffed events, the staff rate is determined upon time length and volume of event. The catering representative will provide proper quantity of staff members based on these variables and discuss this with client to meet event needs.

The catering department requests that all submissions for off-site catering be sent no later than 7 days prior to staffed event.

The boxed lunch sandwich menu is only offered through the catering department and not at the individual stores.  Please contact the catering manager for menus, delivery fees, and order minimums.  Boxed lunch orders must be placed 48 hours in advance, and credit card information is taken upon confirmation. A 50% cancellation fees still apply.

Chafing dishes are available for customer to rent by request for $10 per chafing dish. Representative shall provide instructions for use and/or set-up dishes on behalf of the guest.

All discounts must be approved by a manager. Discounts include, but are not limited to, Ruggles Green V.I.P order discount, marketing and/or promotional event discount, monthly specials and/or promotions, and employee discount.

Request for donations will be subject to approval by the Ruggles Green Brand Designer. Ruggles Green reserves the right to respectfully decline requests.

In the event that Ruggles Green supports a donation request, corporation, business, and/or single parties involved must feature Ruggles Green promotional material for proper marketing implementation on behalf of the company.

All applicable state and local taxes will be imposed and paid by the client. If the client’s organization is tax exempt, proper certificate and/or other information reflecting the client’s exemption status must be provided no later than 48 hours of received form of entire payment.

Ruggles Green shall not be liable for its failure to perform duties if such failure is due to acts of labor complication, included but not limited to strikes, fire, flood and other hazardous weather, restrictions upon travel, food/beverage/ supplies complication, or any other causes beyond its control, or interfering with performance, whether enumerated herein or not.


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