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Greenest in Texas And We’ve Got the Stars to Prove It

The greenest restaurant in Texas is right here in Houston. Ruggles Green CITYCENTRE is the first restaurant in Texas to be awarded 4 Star Certification by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA). The GRA is a non-profit group that establishes the criteria restaurants must follow to become certified. To gain certification, an establishment must create programs in each of the GRA environmental categories: Energy, Water, Waste, Disposables, Chemical & Pollution Reduction, Sustainable Food and Sustainable Furnishings & Building Materials.

CITYCENTRE Gears Up for Dinner

CITYCENTRE Gears Up for Dinner

Certification requires an accumulation of 100 points in review, meeting minimum points in each environmental category, establishing a full-scale recycling program, eliminating the use of styrofoam, and creating an annual education program. Not only has Ruggles Green met these requirements, we have surpassed them with over 300 points and counting- making us the first 4 Star Green Restaurant in Texas and only the second in the nation.

Find out more about what Ruggles Green is doing to excel in our green efforts and Green Restaurant Association certification standards: www.dinegreen.com


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