About Us

Eat Well & Tread Lightly

Eat Well & Tread Lightly
  • We use allnatural ingredients
  • Our famous Buffalo Burger is 85% lean
  • We offer a large selection of delicious vegetarian dishes, as well as daily specials
Premium Ingredients
  • We use as much locally grown produce as possible
  • Our veggie burger contains 8 types of vegetables: carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms, eggplant, red peppers, yellow peppers and potato.
  • Our famous Buffalo Burger is 85% lean
  • All our menu items are made-to-order
  • We use olive oil for cooking and canola oil for frying; our foods have zero trans-fats
  • We offer an array of great tasting organic and bio-dynamic wines
  • Ruggles Green avoids the use of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) when possible.
  • All our teas and coffees are organic and Fair Trade Certified 
  • We serve over 35 gluten-free options, including hamburgers, pastas, pizzas and desserts


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Ruggles Green is an independently owned and operated business.

Eat Green
We source the finest ingredients at the height of quality and freshness. Due to the seasonal nature, local and supplier availability, some products may not always be available.